These are My Dogs In The Hunt For An ACM Award

Posted by Webb on 05/17/2008
Okay, all you dogs have spoken through the CountryHound polls recently about who you think should win in some selected 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards categories. And you made some great choices.

But you know, every dog has his day, and this one is mine to make my predictions. So here's some to chew on.

For the ACM Awards Album of the Year you fans chose Brad Paisley's 5th Gear, but it won by only 3% over Taylor Swift's Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney's Just Who I Am - Poets & Pirates. Miranda Lambert's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Rodney Atkin's If You're Going Through Hell were also in this category. Since I haven't listened to Rodney Atkin's or Kenny Chesney's all the way through (just trying to be a good boy and be honest), it'd be hard to choose one of them as the 2008 ACM Award winner. We all know about Taylor's. I think almost every cut on there is a hit. If you haven't heard Miranda Lambert's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend all the way through, you should fetch one and listen. It is good. But I'd say overall I'd have to go with Brad Paisley's 5th Gear because his guitar playing is so good and there's a good variety of songs on it, and he's "still got a pair".

In our CountryHound poll, Country Music artists Luke Bryan and Jack Ingram tied for the 2008 ACM Awards Top New Male Vocalist, but Jake Owen was nipping at their heels. Jack Ingram's music does make my ears perk up and gets my paws to tapping, but since Luke Bryan and I are sharing some promotions at the 2008 CMA Music Festival, I'd be a dirty dog if I didn't choose him. Okay, so call me territorial.

Taylor Swift lapped up 68% of the CountryHound fan votes for the ACM Awards Top New Female Vocalist. Country singers Kellie Pickler and Sarah Buxton weren't even in the hunt. Guess I'd be in the dog house if I didn't agree with the CountryHound fans here.

The ACM Awards Top Male Vocalist race was tight with Kenny Chesney edging out George Strait, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban in our poll. Rodney Atkins was the runt of the litter on this one. Hmmmmm, I'll have to scratch and think about this one a minute. Keith's good, but it is his music that really makes my tail wag. Eh, what am I thinking...gotta go with the King here...George Strait would be the lucky dog in this category.

Carrie Underwood was the Alpha dog for the ACM Awards Top Female Vocalist, according to CountryHound fans. Now there're some fine Country Music singers in this category that also includes Martina McBride, LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert. But since you've heard me yelp about Carrie before, you know I'm gonna roll over for her in this category. That girl's singing would make a Rottweiller's tail wag.

That leaves only the ACM Awards Entertainer of the Year category (for the categories CountryHound polled). Man, this is one fine pack of dogs - Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, and Keith Urban. I don't understand why there're no females placing here...especially Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift this year, but ain't no amount of barking going to make that happen so I'll move on. You fans chose Rascal Flatts for the ACM's top award. My pick for Best of Show though is Brad Paisley. My dog Brad is more the total package...great musician, good singer, and entertaining videos. And anyone who sings a song about "Ticks" is #1 is a treat to me.

If I was fetchin' the winners, these are who'd I'd paw at. So let me know if I've pleased my best friends or not.

Maybe by the time y'all read this, we'll know the real winner.  Even more reason to tell this ol' hounddog what you think -- are ya happy with who won in this year's 43rd annual ACM Awards?

Speak, and tell me who you'd choose.  Woof.