Sniffing Out Taylor Swift on Tonight's CMT Awards

I'll be doggone.

I was fetching the Sunday paper this morning when I noticed that Country Music sweetheart, Taylor Swift, was on the cover of USA Weekend, so I had to read what it said.

Okay, actually I had to get someone to read it to me. But it was this big glowing article about all of Taylor's accomplishments since winning last year's CMT Music Awards "Breakthrough Video of the Year" buckle.

Taylor says that one means a lot to her because it is a fan-voted award. Taylor sure is smart. She knows just what to say. Maybe that's why the Country star is such a successful songwriter too.

From what I gathered though, Taylor's still a pup. But she sure has accomplished a lot already...her self-titled debut album has almost gone triple platinum (whatever that is), and she wrote most or all the songs on it...the young talent was named the CMA Horizon Award winner, and Miss Swift touring with Country Music pals Brad Paisley, George Strait, and Kenny Chesney.

I was really impressed when she talked about what she's learned from those big Country Music stars and how each takes a different approach to their shows.

Anyway, now she's presenting the CMT Breakthrough Video Award tonight at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville. That's where I live. Actually I live right down the road from Belmont University where they're having the CMT Music Awards. I know some fine graduates from there.

If you get a chance, watch them, they're pretty fun because it is a loser, I mean more loose atmosphere than most awards shows. The CMT awards are fan-voted. I'm all about the fans. That's why I'm "Fan's Best Friend". Sorry, I got off the trail there for a minute.....

I guarantee you I'll be laid-out on the floor watching it. I heard Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus are hosting it. Taylor's performing, Carrie Underwood too, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, and Keith Urban.

Look for all the results on after the awards. My owner told me to say that. It's all about Country Music News and Entertainment, you know....

Well, I think I'm gonna take a little nap now, but earlier today I was wondering while I was wandering, do you think that article was in USA Weekend because the CMT "Breakthrough Video of the Year" Award is now the USA Weekend "Breakthrough Video of the Year" Award?

'Cause if not, I'll be doggone. Woof.