Saw Craig Morgan 9 13 08 in Illinois

Posted by MarJ on 09/20/2008

I was blown away last weekend on Sat. nite 9-13 in Illinois when I saw Craig Morgan again in concert.  The m&g could not have been better beforehand and that was due to my belonging to his fan club and getting one of those special passes! It was in a Performing Arts Center and besides his wonderful former songs he has released and charted with, he sang his current single "Love Remembers" and also about 4 or 5 new songs which can be heard on his myspace site. One song you won't hear there is one he and his best friend Phil O'Donnell had just completed before the show!  Everything on the setlist was very well received and that new one was no exception. They placed a laptop on a high stool and Phil strapped on a guitar and Craig performed using a hand mic as he bobbed forward to read the lyrics.  The crowd was really immersed in this concert and that was great to see & hear. Today's news of Craig's being pegged as the next singer to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry membership further blows me away!  He went into a state of true shock I believe. I saw one photo of him and John Conlee while John was making his point of inviting him and Craig just had a totally shocked expression. This has been a long time coming around for Craig and I find myself considering when it might happen each time I see him in concert... just like the one I attended on Sept. 13th. I hope more folks will line up for this experience that Craig delivers... It is true country music that he sings! (and writes)