Here's My "Fearless" Stories - What's Yours?

Posted by Webb on 11/20/2008

If you haven’t noticed on my website yet (yes it is mine I don’t care what any humans say, woof), we are running a promotion to win one of three autographed Taylor Swift Fearless compact discs (dogs hate to abbreviate).  It's really simple to enter, all you have to do is submit your information and then a brief paragraph or so about a time in your life when you were “Fearless”.  I thought this would be a fun contest to do.  As it turns out, if you go read some of the comments, you will see some folks bearing their souls about really difficult times in their lives.    WebbFor those of you who’ve submitted these comments, I’d give you a big old lick to cheer you up if I could.  Thank you for sharing such personal difficulties.  So I wanted to tell you about some times in my short life when I had to be Fearless: 

  • Well there was just the other night when the family had meatloaf for dinner, and the empty pan was sitting in the sink with a fair amount of meat still stuck to the sides and bottom.  I knew it was a risk to put my two front paws up on the counter and lick the pan, cause if I was too loud they’d hear me.  Well, sure enough I got caught, but it was worth it.


  • Then there was a recent night when I was roaming the house after everyone was asleep.  I was walking by the sofa and I heard a voice say, “Why don’t you come sleep here?”  Well I thought it was a little strange that the sofa was talking, but who was I to argue…though I knew it wouldn’t go over with the humans of the house.  So I did it.  Slept like a pup.  Paid for it the next morning.


  • Maybe you’ve heard me talk about my friend Buddy.  He’s a coonhound and kind of ornery and possessive.  So he has this nylon chew bone that nobody dares take from him when he’s chewing on it…but sometimes I try.  So he’s chewing away on it the other day and I’m just waiting.  Sure enough here comes a stranger walking down the street, and Buddy can’t resist getting all uppity and barking out the window when stangers come by.  Well, he forgot his bone for just a moment, and only I know where it is now.  Woof.

  Well there’s just a few times in my life when I’ve had to be “Fearless”, maybe you can share yours with us by going to our Taylor Swift Fearless promotion.    Don’t be afraid to enter.  Woof.