Haggard Jumps On The Green Train

Posted by Katie Ball on 08/08/2008
Merle Haggard

INPUT { behavior: url(http://www.countryhound.com/FCKeditor/editor/css/behaviors/hiddenfield.htc) ; }INPUT,TEXTAREA,SELECT,.FCK__Anchor,.FCK__PageBreak { behavior: url(http://www.countryhound.com/FCKeditor/editor/css/behaviors/disablehandles.htc) ; }TABLE { behavior: url(http://www.countryhound.com/FCKeditor/editor/css/behaviors/showtableborders.htc) ; }Country Music legen Merle Haggard found a way to promote living a “green” lifestyle, backing it up with a little star power in the spring of 2009. The Green Train, a term coined by Haggard and musician Bob Wolfe, will be traveling to 28 states displaying different ways to help the environment. The two intend for the tour to teach people ways to live eco-friendly. In six weeks the tour will cross the country, starting in Portland, Oregon and ending in Washington, D.C. Nine large venues along the trail will host concerts while 21 other intimate acoustic performances will be held in smaller cities. Part of the tour will include different organizations with booths that show sustainable products. Country Music and Pop artists like Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, The Dave Matthews Band, Jewel, Cher and Kris Kristofferson are supporting the Green Train along with Hannah Teter, an Olympic Gold Medalist in snowboarding. As it gets closer to the dates for the tour, more acts and an itinerary will be posted. Haggard and Wolfe viewed the steam train as the best mode of transportation for an idea like this. Even the main stage at the music performances will be powered by solar, wind and biodiesel fuel. According to a statement, Haggard believes the time is now for people to take action. “The Green Train is the real deal – the one that’s headed for the answers,” said Haggard. “We all need to take stock, step on and get moving toward a clean and safe destination.” For more information check out the Green Train’s website at www.greentrainglobal.org.