Elect A Real Dog For President – Help Webb With A Campaign Slogan

Posted by Webb on 09/25/2008

One of these days I’m going to learn how to use the remote control to our family’s television.  Then I could watch something really interesting like Animal Planet or a good Disney movie.  Woof.But for now, since I can’t change the channel, I’ve been exposed to a lot of politics about the upcoming presidential elections.  Seems to me that the United States is really “searching” for some answers.  So here’s my thought.  If you want someone who can find answers, and not give up till they find them, elect a Bloodhound!Bloodhounds are well-known, and in fact documented, for their ability to search and rescue people.  Who better to serve our country as its new leader?  Not only that, but any Bloodhound properly trained should be able to “shake” a lot of hands on the campaign trail.  Now there may be other dogs, like Coonhounds, that could make a case for their breed being president, but they unfortunately do not have their own website and everyone knows Coonhounds can’t write blogs.  So here’s just a few more reasons to elect a Bloodhound:

  • America needs a president who can smell a rat and sniff out lobbyists with hidden interests.  Who has a better nose to do that than a Bloodhound?
  • A Bloodhound will put America in a better mood.  Our tails are always wagging, and it is contagious.  Economy got you down?  Keep on waggin.  Trouble with war abroad?  Keep on waggin.  Congress in gridlock?  Keep on waggin.
  • Bloodhounds love everybody too.  No more Democrats and Republicans.  We would all be one party – Demreps or Repdems.  Maybe just the Canine Party. 
  • Need someone to find Osama Bin Laden?  Just set a Bloodhound loose on the trail and he’ll be found in days.  Why hasn’t someone thought of this earlier? 
  • A Bloodhound, unlike our sitting President, could be trained to pronounce America properly.
  • It would be a major historical event for the United States.  Electing the first African-American for President, or a woman for Vice-President pales in comparison to being the first country to elect a dog president.  Well, maybe we’ve already done that in the past actually.  Woof!
  • Corruption in Washington might not end, but it would be a lot cheaper.  Just throw me a couple “bones” and I’ll see what I can do.  Worst case scenario you would have to rub my chest a while.  Woof.
  • Bloodhounds could handle international affairs much better.  Everybody loves Bloodhounds, and even antagonistic (I really don’t know what that means) leaders would easily be won over to our side.
  • Since Bloodhounds have such big ears, they might even actually listen…and hear…what the good people of America are saying they need.

You know, I might even consider running myself…if I could just come up with a good campaign slogan…hmmmm:

  • Webb…A Dog You Can  Believe In
  • Elect Webb…He “Speaks” The Truth
  • Webb…Try A Dog For A Change
  • Vote For Webb…You Dog You

Maybe you can help me come up with a better slogan?