CountryHound Fans Love CMA Music Festival

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 06/20/2008

Did you get a chance to make it to the 2008 CMA Music Festival?  If not, here's what some of this year's attendees had to say about their great experience, and if you did, give us your highlights too!

"best thing about the festival....going to THE FUEL and being in Gretchen Wilson's new neat!!!!can't wait til next year..always an unforgettable time...thanks again. your website was very helpful in planning our extra activites.....thanks, chris"

Bay Head, N.J.

"This was our first trip to CMA Fest, and it was amazing. We're already planning to come back next year (tickets purchased and hotel reserved). Just about the whole thing was a highlight -- it's great to have so many options for entertainment, and so many excellent artists to see. The heat was a bit much, especially when waiting in line (or sitting without shade at the riverfront stage), but we were happy to finally get some warm weather since it's been around 50 in Seattle lately...

I wrote up a blog with some photos and personal thoughts, but that's probably not really what you're looking for. In any case, it's at"

Bothell, WA

"CMA Fest was a blast. We had a wonderful time. The weather was hot but the concerts were cool. It was a real treat to meet and greet with the bigger name artists...Alan Jackson, Sara Evans, etc. We are already looking forward to next year!"

Murphysboro IL

"My favorite part of the CMA Music Fest was being able to see Dwight Yoakam in Nashville again.. Had a great time."

Nashville, TN

"we had a great time at the CMA MusicFest and my husband's band played at the Cadillac Ranch. It was a great experience and my daughter and her boyfriend had a great time too. The concerts were fantastic and just walking the streets and taking in the atmosphere was great."

Pittsburgh, PA

"And for the CMA MusicFest was great!! First time there and will love to go again.

We love Luke Byran. Last year we seen him about 4 times in Iowa. And we are also big fans of Jason Brown. We saw him at the Hard Rock Cafe at the CMA MusicFest. And he has done show with Luke in Iowa. Would be nice to see Jason at a big venue.

For the lows it was way to HOT. Coming for Iowa the warmest we had was 78 and then right to the 90's. Man that was hot way to start of the summer.

Thanks again for the t-shirts. And hope to see you around."

Des Moines, IA

"I loved Music Fest. My wife got a ticket to see Gretchen Wilson, and we both got to see Wynona. We also hung out back behind Titan Stadium and saw a lot of the artist. Would you like to know some of them?

Well we saw Wynona, Danielle Peck, Neal McCoy, Brad Cotter, Jason Matthews, Trace Atkins, Darryl Worrelly, Rodney Atkins(fan club), Luke Bryant, and Jeff Owens to mention a few. Jimmy Wayne and Gretchen Wilson too. At the concerts we stood behind the stadium and Fri. night Billy Ray, Miranda, Jack Ingram, Lady Antebellum came over. On Sat. Craig Morgan, Little Big Town and even Gary Chapman came over. Sunday, Jack Ingram, Phil Stacey, and James Otto came over. The only regrets, and if you can somehow help us I would be eternally grateful, is that Terrie, my wife, wanted to meet Denise Jackson and get her two books signed. As you are aware, I used to teach Special Education there, and I know my way around. I am trying to reach them and see if they would consent to meeting Terrie somewhere to get her books signed. As you are aware we are in Jackson,Tn. What would you suggest , because I love doing things for her to surprise her. K eeps the marriage fresh. I can give you my phone number or whatever you need if you can somehow make this come true. I don't have a way of scanning pics yet but we could make you copies somehow of all that we saw and you can see the fun we had too. Regardless thanks for everything."

Humboldt, TN