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Martina McBride's New Single Hits Radio

Posted by Dustin Stout on 03/17/2011

Country music powerhouse Martina McBride is putting her 16- and 13-year-old daughters front and center on her new single appropriately titled "Teenage Daughters."
"‘Teenage Daughters’ blends humor, sass and sweetness," said McBride. "It shows a very real side of my personality that I'm not sure I've shown in a song before. It's definitely a very personal song and, to me, it just feels like an honest conversation between mothers and fathers of teenage daughters everywhere."
McBride wrote the lead single from her upcoming Republic Nashville release with brothers Brett and Brad Warren. The writing process was natural for McBride, noting her teenage daughters transition to independence was interesting.  
"The little girl who thought you were so cool and always wanted to hold your hand or would dance with you in the kitchen suddenly is a little embarrassed by those things. It's just inevitable as they grow up. It's their job to become more independent and our job to walk the balance between keeping them close and letting them go a little at a time. No matter how much you think you are prepared for it, it still takes you by surprise," said the Grammy winning country songstress.
McBride co-wrote seven more tracks on the album, which is slated for release this fall.
"I finally made the time to write more and it's made this album so much more personal,” said McBride. "I won't sing a song unless I can tell the story or relate to the lyric and I don't believe you have to write the lyric to relate to it. But this album shows so many sides of my personality and the fact that I wrote most of it will make it interesting and fun for my fans."