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Sugarland: Stand Still, "Stay" Calm

Posted by amyclark on 08/16/2008

9/7/2007 Stephen L. Betts Sugarland's Kristian Bush says the making of the duo's latest video was a powerful experience. "For the making of the 'Stay' video, what we wanted to do was just about literally stand there and play the song. We didn't want anything else going on other than the performance because that's going on when you listen to it. I get really anxious, and Jennifer [Nettles] was finding the emotion in the song while she's singing it, and I started freaking out in the control room because she's starting to cry. Everyone had to hold me back from going out and saying "cut" because I wanted it to stop. "It was a pretty powerful thing ... if this doesn't make you cry, nothing will. Go ahead and burn your copy of Old Yeller because this is all you need.” Check out the video at AOL Music