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Carrie Underwood Admits Fashion Mishaps

Posted by Jacob Ryan on 12/30/2010
Carrie Underwood's love for makeup began when she was young, but it took some growing up before the star figured out how to make it work for her.
The superstar performer credits her first experience with makeup to her two older sisters, both of whom were teenagers when the star was young.
“I thought they were the coolest with their big 80s hair,” she said. “I was totally a human Barbie doll to them. They would dress me up and put makeup on me. That’s where my love affair with makeup started.”
Underwood is currently a spokesperson for Olay, and she said her beauty sense has transformed a lot since she was young.
She told Marie Claire magazine the “worst of the worst” was when she would put gel in her bangs and comb it over. “It would dry and you could, like, flick it,” Underwood said.  “I remember my mom trying to talk me out of the crunchy bangs and I was like, ‘whatever--you’re not cool.’”
Underwood’s current fashion sense recently earned her the recognition for the “Best Bridal Body” in a recent issue of Fitness magazine.
The singer is set to perform at the Borgata Spa and Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., on January 1.