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Lorreta Lynn Honored With Her Own Rose

It goes without being said that Loretta Lynn is a Country Music legend, but now she has had yet another honor, for a rose by any other name would not smell as sweet. On Nov. 9, Sony Music Nashville presented Lynn with her very own rose to celebrate the release of the multi-artist tribute album Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn. The rose was named after Lynn’s award-winning album, Van Lear Rose. The first “Loretta Lynn Van Lear” rose plant will be delivered to Lynn’s ranch in spring 2011, with more being made available for purchase thereafter.
“Roses have always been so special to me – I’ve loved them since I was a girl,” Loretta said. “So to have a rose named after one of my albums . . . well, I’m not sure I quite have the words for that! I’m just very, very honored. I can’t wait to have those Van Lear roses blooming in my yard!”
The Van Lear Rose was developed by Brad Jalbert of Select Roses. The “Loretta Lynn Van Lear” is a floribunda, which is an ever-blooming hybrid known for its deep, rich color. The scent of the bloom is described most often as rich apricot, with the buds opening to a “cottage” style flower. The plant, which grows to approximately two feet, is considered ideal for most gardens or large containers, given that it is bushy and dense.
“This is one of those roses that has turned out to be a crowd favorite at the nursery!” Jalbert said. “It is a very charming rose that all our customers have noticed when the test plants were on display.”
And for those who are anxiously awaiting their very own Loretta Lynn rose, try not to get too antsy too soon. “We are just now building up stock of this rose  and will have a few plants available spring 2010 for our local customers here in British Columbia, with more being available in coming years,” Jalbert said. “However, there will be a Canadian company, who ships to the U.S., who will have plants for mail order by the fall of 2011.”