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The Court Yard Hounds Debut New Music


Martie Maguire and Emily Robison of the Court Yard Hounds debuted new music Dec. 7 via an interactive online chat and concert with fans.
“We're going to play a couple songs that might be on a new Court Yard Hounds release of some sort,” said Maguire. “The first one we recorded for the last album, but we didn't finish it so we played it live this last year,” she said before debuting “Like Fools.”
Two-thirds of the Grammy-award winning group the Dixie Chicks, the sisters’ also discussed potentially releasing Christmas music. But they don’t want to release holiday music that’s been done countless times before, Robison said.
“It would be cool to write Christmas music,” said Maguire, “but there's only one month when you feel like writing [it]. It would be really hard to do something totally unique, and maybe we're just putting too much pressure on ourselves.”
The Court Yard Hounds also played a newly written song called “When You Wake.”
“This is one we just wrote. Martin on the guitar comes up with a lot of these licks and songs and he's been sending us stuff for a while. This is one we just put lyrics to yesterday,” said Maguire.
Another tune the girls mentioned explores new sounds never before heard from the duo.
“I started playing around with the sitar a few weeks ago on a song that we're working on,” Robison said. “We'll see if it makes the cut.”
The webcast ended with a fan request, a Dixie Chicks track entitled “Lil’ Jack Slade.”
The Court Yard Hounds will resume their webcast series and hit the road debuting more music in 2011.