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Test Your Country Music Knowledge With Grand Ole Opry Trivia Book

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, Tune Town Trivia:  The Grand Ole Opry’s Ultimate Country Music Trivia Book, is available now.
The book was written by Opry staffer Dan Rogers, who has spent more than 12 years backstage assembling facts and figures on songs, awards, guitars and everything else related to the Opry and Country Music.  Tune Town Trivia offers challenges to both those who claim to be a Country Music genius, as well as the Country novice with a plethora of quizzes and games – Opry word searches and a Country Music spelling bee, for starters. Trivia categories include everything from politics (What Country standard did Ross Perot use as a theme song during a Presidential run?) to TV (Which Country queen was kidnapped in an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard?)
Tune Town Trivia is available at the Opry’s three Nashville retail locations (The Opry Shop at the Grand Ole Opry House and Opry Originals, with locations on Lower Broadway and at the Nashville Airport) as well as online at The book retails for $8.99.
Among some of Rogers’ favorite questions from the book:

10. Who did Marty Stuart tell his mom he was going to marry after he first met her on July 24, 1970?

9.  The hit TV show HEE HAW emanated from what fictional “Kounty”?

8. Willie Nelson’s RED HEADED STRANGER album included a signature song with what other color in a six-word title, a cover of a Roy Acuff release?

7. Which Country Music Hall of Fame member was once pardoned by Ronald Reagan?

6. What type of vehicle did George Jones famously drive to a bar after his then-wife had hidden the car keys to prevent him from driving out for a drink?

5. Per her 1971 hit, Susan Raye was about to fly out of what city’s international airport?

4. Name the family band Martina McBride played in as a young girl. (Hint: her name was Martina Schiff at the time.)

3. In what state would you find the city of Sugarland, inspiration for hit-making duo Sugarland’s name?

2. How old was Taylor Swift when she was named CMA Entertainer of the Year, the youngest person ever to win the award?

1. A vintage commercial for what product inspired the Mary Chapin Carpenter hit He Thinks He’ll Keep Her?
Answers: 10. Connie Smith; 9. Kornfield; 8. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain; 7. Merle Haggard; 6. a lawn mower; 5. L.A.; 4. The Schiffters; 3. Texas; 2. 19; 1. Geritol