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Keith Urban Finds Inspiration in His Wife Nicole Kidman

Posted by Christina Forte on 12/01/2010
Most male country artist’s music is influenced by a woman, so it’s no surprise that Keith Urban’s wife, actress Nicole Kidman, has inspired some of his writing and song choice.
She was the reason behind ‘I’m in’ and ‘Stupid Boy’ Urban told The Boot, and her influence can also be seen in his newest album ‘Get Closer’ as well.
"They were both songs that she thought were really good," Keith continues. "But at the same time, there are things that I'm thinking about and I ask her what she thinks about these songs, as well. She's very present in the spirit of these songs when I come home with a little tape recording of us playing 'Put You in a Song,' or something, and I have my little cassette player and I crank it in the kitchen like I did that afternoon when I got home. I said, 'I really like this one,' and she was grooving to it and thought it was really good, too. If she's grooving around, that's a really good sign. [laughs]"
Keith co-wrote the single, 'Put You in a Song,' with Jedd Hughes and Sarah Buxton, who was also a co-writer of 'Stupid Boy.'

Source: The Boot