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Brad Pitt and Tim McGraw Offer 'Country Strong' Critiques

Posted by Dustin Stout on 11/18/2010

Oscar Award-winning Gwyneth Paltrow stars as broken Country singer Kelly Canter in the upcoming film, Country Strong, and two leading men are offering their support.
Hollywood leading man Brad Pitt revealed his gifted ear for Country Music with his comments for Paltrow.
Paltrow told People magazine, “When I used to go out with Brad Pitt, he’d say ‘You have a good voice for Country Music.’”
But it’s not just Pitt that thinks Paltrow plays Country well. Country leading man and the movie’s co-star, Tim McGraw, had more good things to say about Paltrow’s performance.
She did such an authentic job,” McGraw said. “Her voice had a real honesty to it, which is tough to fake in Country Music.”
Country Strong hits theaters in Los Angeles and Nashville on Dec. 22, and the movie will open in theaters nationwide on Jan. 7, 2011.