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Steve Azar Finds 'Sunshine' at the Top of the Charts

Posted by Ava-Lauren Moses on 10/08/2010
There 'ain’t no sunshine' at the bottom of the charts; that’s why Steve Azar is at the top with the new video from his latest single, “Sunshine.” Azar's new video has been flying high, at No. 8 on both the GAC Top 20 Country Countdown and CMT Pure 12 Pack Countdown.
Being a co-writer along with bandmate Jason Young on the song, Azar toots his own horn. He said, “I’m not too surprised the video has been connecting so strongly with fans.”
The video was shot with a hand held camera, which gave it a down to earth, intimate feeling instead of being so crisp and high-tech. It was filmed primarily at various locations in downtown Nashville, though Azar was careful not to shoot any of the city's landmarks so the viewer could feel like it could be anywhere -- including their own city.
Azar explained to reporters, "This is the first song since 'Waitin' On Joe' where I've seen such an impact," he said. "So many people are relating to this song and wanting to share their feelings. It means different things to different people -- whether it's a couple in love, a father and daughter or the best of friends."
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