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Trailer Choir and Carter's Chord Members Marry in Surprise Wedding

When most people go to 12th and Porter in Nashville, they expect to see local artists play some great music. They probably don’t expect to see two people get married.
But that’s exactly what happened Sept. 6 when Country singers Marc “Butter” Fortney of Trailer Choir and Emily Robertson of Carter’s Chord surprised their friends and family with an unexpected wedding.
Guests thought they were attending Fortney’s birthday party, but after the cake was served, Fortney grabbed a microphone and told them he was about to change the course of the evening.  He dropped to one knee and proposed to Robertson, his girlfriend of two years.
The couple embraced as Robertson took the mike to reveal a bigger surprise. “We’d like to introduce Mr. Ralph Griggs…Minister Ralph Griggs,” she said. As the crowd caught on, people broke into cheers. A mysterious curtain hanging in the venue dropped, uncovering an altar made out of PVC pipe and decorated with flowers.
The other members of Trailer Choir were in attendance. Vocalist Vinny Hickerson joked that he was “the world’s largest ring bearer” as he brought the couple their wedding rings.
A few minutes before the ceremony, Robertson asked her sisters and bandmates, Becky and Joanna Robertson, to sing the couple’s first dance song, “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan. The sisters also captured a video of the big surprise and posted it on Carter’s Chord’s YouTube channel (watch it here).
“Emily and I wanted our wedding to reflect what was important to us and how much we love each other,” Fortney said in a press release. “Expensive invitations and fancy ceremonies don’t matter to us—I mean, the altar cost us $30 bucks worth of PVC pipes. Plus we both have this wacky sense of humor, and being able to pull off a surprise like that was great.”
Congratulations to the happy couple!