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Robert Plant Not Rockin' on New Release

Posted by Webb on 08/31/2010

Robert Plant’s new release, Band of Joy, due out Sept. 14, is not a return to his roots as a rocker with Led Zeppelin. Instead, it sounds more like his Grammy-winning Raising Sand recording with Alison Krauss, according to The Boot.
In fact, Band of Joy was the name of an experimental blues group Plant had in the 1960s. It now includes singer Patty Griffin, multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott, guitarist and co-producer Buddy Miller, drummer Marco Giovino and bassist Byron House, according to Rolling Stone.
Plant told The Boot, "It's no longer to do with vanity, ego and visible success. It's just about getting down into the earth of music. I spent three, four, five years never playing a Zeppelin song, from 1981 onwards, because I didn't just want to lean on Zeppelin. I've gone from being in that huge band to picking up the pieces of my own gift."
Referring to whether he was tempted to go back to playing rock or not, Plant said after he attended a recent blues/rock concert by Them Crooked Vultures, headed by his former Led Zeppelin bandmate John Paul Jones, his ears "bled for two days" after the show. He added: "But I feel so far away from heavy rock now. It's quite odd, how mine and John's paths seem to have crossed over – we've sort of gone into each others' worlds a bit."
Source: The Boot