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No More Waiting for Rascal Flatts' New Single

After their record label closed its doors, mystery surrounding the fate of Rascal Flatts' latest record. But Flatts fans will soon get a healthy dose of new music from the gang, thanks to Big Machine Records.
"Why Wait," the group’s new single, was an instant hit with the guys when they were screening songs for the new record.
“It instantly caught my attention as we were listening down through literally hundreds of songs on our comp CDs,” bass player Jay DeMarcus said. “I kept going back to that one because it’s such a unique melody and such a unique feel for us. And I think that when I heard the chorus kick in, it kept getting my attention every time I listened [to it]. I remember I actually had a phone conversation with Gary [LeVox], and I said, ‘Man, the second song on this comp, “Why Wait,” is really, really different for us and really catchy, and I think could really showcase our harmonies really well.’”
When working on their upcoming album, "Why Wait" was the first track the guys recorded, and it set the tone for the record.
“When we went into the studio and we started cutting it,” DeMarcus said, “we knew instantly that it was something special for us and it was going to be a showcase piece on the album.”
The song has been a hit with Rascal Flatts' new label and fans; the track is already in the Top 20 on the Billboard Country Singles chart.

Fans will have to wait for the new record, Nothing Like This, which will hit shelves Nov. 16.