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Joe Nichols Jokes About Fertility Issues

Posted by Jacob Ryan on 07/29/2010


Joe Nichols was sure to get the "OK" from wife Heather before the joking about the couples' fertility testing during his recent appearance on The View.
“Before we went on I said to her, ‘If you don’t want me to talk about it, I won’t,’ But I think it’d be funny,” Nichols said. “She said, ‘If you must talk about it, fine.’ It still embarrassed her a little bit.”
Nichols was able to laugh through the awkwardness that arises from getting tested for fertility and said that everything is looking positive in that department for the couple.
“Everybody’s already so uncomfortable,” Nichols said. “You’ve got to laugh it off.”
After finishing his part of the testing, the singer even played a joke on the nurses at the clinic, leaving the private television in his room on a gardening channel.
“You’ve got to poke fun at that kind of thing,” Nichols said.
Nichols has an 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship that is already planning on going to Harvard. He said she could be anything from a rocket scientist, lawyer, marine biologist, veterinarian or just a “great outstanding human being.
“She has an amazing singing voice, too,” the proud dad added.
Nichols and wife Heather are hoping to add to their family soon.
“It’s a process. We just want to make sure we’re both healthy and able to do everything right,” Nichols said. “All things look good and we’re just waiting on God to do the rest.”