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Blake Shelton Shows Off Second ‘Six Pak’

Posted by Laura Monday on 07/08/2010
Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton’s upcoming 'six pak' album will hold his fastest rising single, “All About Tonight,” along with five other songs, including a collaboration with his fiancé, Miranda Lambert.
Hillybilly Bone was Shelton’s first six pak album, which was released in March, and he felt satisfied with the project. He had only one regret, but he plans to do things differently this time around.
"If I could go back to that first six pak, the only thing I would've done differently is I would've released a second single off of it," Shelton said. "So, when I say 'All About Tonight' is the first single off the second six pak, there's going to be a second single this time. We've cut a bunch [of songs]. And that's what I love about doing six paks is how often you get in there and record and how you're constantly being sent brand new music from the best writers in Nashville."
The upcoming album will be in stores Aug. 10.

Source: The Boot