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Taylor Swift Spends Time Off Working on New Album

Posted by Jessica Gertler on 06/20/2010

In the last year and a half, Country bombshell Taylor Swift has finished a 15-month international tour, attended numerous award shows, devoted countless hours to her fans and kicked off a Hollywood acting career. And the 20-year-old starlett has no intentions of slowing down.
"I'm actually going to be working on my record non-stop," Swift told CMT. "For me time off is working on a project and writing non-stop and spending all day and all night trying to get the exact perfect word in the second line of the bridge. For me, my life is a crossword puzzle at times. Like when I'm making an album, it's all about filling in the blanks and making it click. And when it finally does, it's so worth it."

Swift is back in her stomping ground, a.k.a. Nashville, and has wrapped up her tour. But, Swift said she doesn't plan on taking a break from her hectic lifestyle this summer.
"The days that I'm not playing shows, I'm recording or sitting in my producer's basement, and we're tweaking little things about mixes and adding little instrument parts," Swift said. "It's a really fun way to live, and it's a fun way to spend the summer."
Swift is dedicating her spare time to finishing her third studio CD, and is "so excited about just throwing [herself] into making this album completely."
Swift told MTV News her inspiration for her third album is "boys and love."
"When I put out an album, I'd like to think that when people listen to that album, it's like a diary of what I've been through in the last two years. So it's a really fun way to express how I feel and what I'm going through," Swift said in an interview with MTV News.
On top of finishing her CD, Swift will also be finishing the renovation for her new Nashville loft, complete with a "people-sized birdcage."