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Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton Consider Collaborating Again

Posted by Laura Monday on 06/14/2010
Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton won “Collaborative Video of the Year” on Wednesday at the CMT Music Awards for their humorous duet, “Hillbilly Bone.”
They both thought they had a good chance of winning until they saw the seating arrangements in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.
To be honest with you, right before they announced the winner, I turned to Trace and said, “We’re screwed ...’” Shelton said backstage. “So they said our names, and there was a 15 minute delay ... first of all because it takes 10 minutes for Trace to stand up out of the seat and then get around the people. They had Toby Keith sitting there whose knees go out a quarter of a mile, but we finally got down to the stage.”
With all of the success surrounding their duet, the question is whether they will collaborate again. Adkins admitted that it is a possibility.
"Uhh ... I've got a new album coming out August 24, and [Blake's] not on it," Adkin told AOL's The Boot with a chuckle. "He only makes half-albums. He has another one coming out, too, and I'm not on it either. Maybe we will. It seems to work pretty good."
Shelton's current single, "All About Tonight" is the fastest-rising single of his career. Meanwhile, Adkins' new album, Cowboy's Back In Town, will release Aug. 24 and includes his current single, "This Ain't No Love Song."
Source: The Boot