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Chuck Wicks Locks Lips in Latest Music Video

Posted by Alexis Gonzalez on 06/01/2010


Chuck Wicks recently filmed a new music video for his song “Hold That Thought.” The video included on-screen love interest Julia Jones of Twilight Saga fame. 
The filming involved passionate and involved kissing, the kind Wicks had never done on camera before, leaving him quite nervous. 
“I knew we had some kissing scenes and, honestly, I had never done that,” Wicks told CMT. “There was a small kissing scene in ‘Stealing Cinderella,’ but none like…this. This was more like sexual kissing, not like a ‘we just got married’ kind of deal – and there is a difference!”
The song for the video comes from Wicks' upcoming album, arriving this fall. Wicks will also be performing at the CMA Block Party on June 9 in Nashville, a part of the CMA Music Festival.
Source: The Boot