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Trace Adkins Admits Miss USA Winner Was Not His Favorite

Posted by Andrea Nourse on 05/24/2010
Over the weekend, Trace Adkins performed his new single, "This Ain't No Love Song," at the 59th annual Miss USA Pageant. Despite being surrounded by 50 of America’s most beautiful women, Adkins wasn’t satisfied when Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, won the competition.
"I wasn't impressed," Adkins admitted to Portland's KUPL radio station. "[She] wasn't one of my favorites ... I had some favorites, and none of my favorites made it to the end of the top five."
That’s not to say Adkin’s didn't enjoy himself. "The best thing about the Miss USA pageant was, there are 50 beautiful twenty-ish ladies," he continued. "That ain't the best part. The best part is there are at least 20 really hot 45-year old mamas. That was my favorite part."
After Miss Michigan was crowned Miss USA, pictures of her pole-dancing were made public. As a father of five daughters, Adkins feels strong that some responsibility lies with the parents.
"That's a shame because [as] a father of daughters, really, your only job in life is to keep your girls off of a pole," he said. "You just hope that they don't end up dancing with a pole."
Adkins is spending his summer on the road to support the Aug. 24 release of his new album. He will also headline the Music City July 4 celebration in Nashville.
Source: The Boot