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CMA Fest Attracts International Artists

Fifteen well-known international artists are set to arrive in Nashville next month for the 2010 CMA Music Fest.
The artists, including Australia’s Luke Austen and the United Kingdom’s Tim McKay, will participate in the annual Global Events showcase. Other artists scheduled to perform include Canada’s Jaydee Bixby, One More Girl and Alex J. Robinson; Austrailia’s Sinead Burgess and New Zealand’s Cameron Clayton. Canadian Adam Gregory will host the event.
Another event, the annual AristoMedia Global Showcase will bring even more international artists to Nashville. The event, hosted by Australian duo O’Shea, features performances by Australia’s Travis Collins and Ronnie Rae Rivers; Norway’s European Highwaymen; the United Kingdom’s Emma King & The Heartsets; and Canada’s Jessie Farrell, Jo Hikk and Steven Lee Olsen.
“Each year, some of the brightest Country Music talents from around the world come to Nashville for CMA Music Festival and our Global Events,” said The AristoMedia Group President and CMA Board member Jeff Walker. “This is our fifth year holding these international showcases, and each year we have a fantastic lineup of talent performing and a packed house to greet them. We’re looking forward to this year continuing that tradition.”
The CMA Global Artists Party, held on June 7 at the Stage on Broadway, starts at 6 p.m. and is sponsored by Four Seasons Coach Leasing. The AristoMedia Global Showcase is scheduled for June 8 at 3:30 p.m. at The Second Fiddle.