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“The Truth” is Jason Aldean’s No. 1 Hit Was a Long Time Comin’

Posted by Amanda Duckworth on 03/10/2010

Four years ago, Ashley Monroe was just another 19-year old with a broken heart and a song. She sat down in the living room of Brett James, and she just let the lyrics pour out of her.
“I was kind of tryin’ to get over somebody,” Monroe says. “I was sayin’ that there’s somebody that I really do miss and I still love him. I want him to think I’m fine. I want him to think that I am just doin’ wonderful. Which now I realize that I really didn’t love him, but I got a good song out of it. I’m thankful for that one. And he’ll never, ever know, which is absolutely a good thing.”

James came up with the title, “The Truth”, and Monroe says “everything just fell together.”

But it didn’t immediately become a hit. In fact, it took four years before Monroe could reap the benefits of her heart-felt song. When Jason Aldean first heard this song, he gave it a two-thumbs up. But “She’s Country” and “Big Green Tractor” were higher priority singles, and rightfully so, since both skyrocketed to No. 1. Next in the line-up was “Crazy Town”, or at least that’s what Broken Bow Record’s had in mind.  But Aldean had different plans.

“From day one it’s my favorite song on the record,” Jason said of “The Truth.” “I wanted to make sure the song was a single at some point on the album, and so I actually flew out to Las Vegas and met with the head of the label, Benny Brown, and sat down and kind of pleaded my case, and — as Benny is, he’s a really good and reasonable man — so he agreed to let me have this as a single. And I’m glad he did, ‘cause it’s my third No. 1 in a row, and that’s somethin’. Having one was incredible, but having three off one album for us has been even more incredible!”

With a successful No. 1 hit for both Aldean and Monroe, the two received plenty of collateral to celebrate.  Both received plaques, cups, and yes, even guitars from various organizations. Even Aldean’s band members received plaques for playing on the record.
This past Friday Monroe was invited to sing her song during Miranda Lambert’s concert in Knoxville’s Thompson-Boling Arena. It all brought things full circle, as this is the same arena where Monroe used to sit in the nosebleed seats to watch some of Country Music’s greatest stars take the stage.
Now, Monroe has her own personal reason to celebrate, as she recently received a text message saying that all the paperwork was now complete, so that she can sign a new recording deal of her own.
Source: GAC