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Brad Paisley Names Taylor Swift As Voice Of Her Generation

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 02/25/2010
Brad Paisley on Austin City Limits

Brad Paisley gave Taylor Swift props this week in an interview with Country Countdown U.S.A., saying "I think she is the voice of her generation."
Paisley was asked to give his take on Swift's overwhelming success, and he explained that he thought Swift was a "lyrical songwriter," able to capture the feelings of being a teenager. "Here's teenagers able to say this woman, this young woman is my voice. She's singing about my heartbreak and the love I'm feeling and the things that are going on."
Swift has long been on Paisley's radar as a young talent; she joined his 2007 Bonfires and Amplifiers tour.
Swift heads to Florida on her Fearless tour this March, starting in Tampa on March 4 and then Orlando on March 5. Paisley also is currently on tour, and will be in Greenville, S.C., March 4.