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Jimmy Wayne Considers Walking Past Phoenix on Meet Me Halfway Walk

Posted by Laura Travis on 02/01/2010

Even though he hasn't even reached Little Rock, Ark., yet, Jimmy Wayne is thinking about extending his walk for homeless children and teens past his original end location of Phoenix. On Jan. 1, Wayne began his journey from Nashville to Phoenix, hoping to raise awareness for teens who age out of foster care homes and end up homeless. But Wayne's having so much fun doing it, he may just keep walking.

"I don't have any [regrets]. Not one. I'd do it again. I'd go back to Nashville and start over. I would. I told them I'd even consider walking on past Phoenix," he told AOL's The Boot. I was laying in bed last night thinking of what else I could do when this is done because I'm having so much fun. It doesn't cost anything. That's the cool thing about it."

Wayne also encourages others to find something they love and believe in. "Find that happiness whether it's in your relationship or whatever it is. There's no feeling like knowing that you're out there because you're happy. That's a great feeling. I love it. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be doing this. If I didn't enjoy it, I probably would be thinking by now, 'I should go back home.'"