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Keith Urban Clears Up Downloading Comment

Posted by Jessica Gertler on 02/01/2010
Australian heartthrob Keith Urban planned out his acceptance speech for his Grammy Award last night, hoping to avoid the controversy that sparked as a result of the speech gave at the People’s Choice Awards.
While accepting his award from the People’s Choice Awards, Urban said, "I don't even care if you download it illegally, give it to your friends, I really don't care."
Given a chance to clear up his comment, Urban told Nashville's The Tennessean, “I’ve never done an awards show where they seem to let you talk infinitely. I was waiting for the ‘wrap’ sign to come up, and it never came up. And what I said came out nothing like I meant. I was referring to the old days when you’d buy a record, do a cassette tape and give it to your girlfriend, and then maybe she likes it and becomes a fan.
“For the record, I absolutely care about my music not being taken for free. But I love when people are passionate and want to turn friends on to music.”

Urban was nominated for four Grammys Sunday night and won Best Male Country Vocal Performance for Sweet Thing.