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Sara Evans Looks to Newcomer Sarah Buxton for Book Title

Posted by Amy Brownfield on 01/28/2010


While contemplating her new book title, Sara Evans looked to newcomer Sarah Buxton's song, "The Sweet By and By."
"We were listening to songs for the new record, [and] there was a song that I absolutely loved that I thought about recording by Sarah Buxton," explained Evans. "It's called 'The Sweet By and By,' and then I ultimately decided that it didn't fit for this record, but we loved it for the title of this book. That's what the old hymn 'Sweet By and By' means. In the end, everything will be fine. And that's what we hope for Jade."
Jade is the focus character of the book, a woman who wants to re-connect with her mom and sister prior to her wedding, in hopes of making peace with her past, present and future.
The inspirational book also contains scenarios in which Jade relies on a higher power. "She is finding her relationship with God," Evans told AOL's The Boot. "She is gonna learn more and more that she's loved, even if she had her heart broken as a teenager, even if her dad had abandoned her, and things you're gonna find out about her husband. She is gonna have to depend on her relationship with Jesus ... to get her through it."
"The Sweet By and By" is the first book, in a series of four. The second book is entitiled, "Softly and Tenderly." Currently Evans is finishing up her new album and should release her first single within a few months.