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Big Kenny Visits Haiti

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 01/22/2010

Kenny Alphin, aka Big Kenny, one half of the Country Music duo Big & Rich, is down in Haiti this week, offering help to relief workers and looking for a friend that has been missing since the first earthquake hit.

Alphin wrote on his blog this week, "The descriptions of the casualties is heart sinking, though the outpouring of aid from around the world that I am witnessing is none short of amazing."

The singer kept several short messages on Wednesday's blog entry from his Blackberry, updating on his movements and progress as he tried to move into Port Au Prince. The artist encouraged others to help in any way then can and said, "When I see how people can care so much in the trying times I believe even more in the obtainability of PEACE. We come into the world with nothing we leave with nothing. The true treasure is in the heart and continues forever only in the wealth of our spirits."