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Mother-Daughter Duo The Judds May Reunite for 2010 Tour

Posted by Nick Zeitz on 11/17/2009

There has been talk in the Country Music world that Wynonna Judd and her mother, Naomi, might be returning as The Judds for a 2010 tour after an almost 25 year hiatus.  
"It’s take-your-mother-to-work year," said Wynonna.  "It just feels like it’s the right time. (Naomi) will be 64 in January, and I think it’s time — not the whole year, but it’s just going to be a way to celebrate her.”
The mother-daughter duo departed from the stage for the final time in 1991 after Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Last June they were welcomed by thousands of fans for a tearful reunion at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville.
“We sang for 50,000 people, and they sang back to us, and it was a holy moment,” Wynonna said. “On the drive home I thought, ‘You know, I really appreciate where I’ve come from and the people do, too, and they love the Judds music and it hasn’t disappeared.’ I just thought, ‘You know, I think it’s time.’”
Wynonna also has a 16-show Christmas tour beginning Nov. 28 and will wrap up at the Hilton in Las Vegas on Dec. 20.