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Why Steve Azar Likes To Cook

Posted by Laura Travis on 10/19/2009

Country singer Steve Azar tells AOL's The about his family and friend's tradition, "Friday night at the Azars."  Steve says, "Most of the time, it's not on a Friday, which is weird, but we still call it that. We cook and everybody decides on what they're bringing."
Azar says they don't just have the food to look forward to, but the preparation as well.  "It's not the eating; it's the prior to that that's gotten to be the most fun -- because you eat and then you're done. It's the two-hour prep before that you really get to enjoy. The kitchen is a very soulful place. You share great stories, great cocktails, great times, and great food. The process of watching it all happen is just great."
Be sure to check out Steve's latest single, "Moo La Moo," which was released in August.