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Bruce Springsteen Provides Harmony On Roseanne Cash's Latest Album

According to Spinner, Roseanne Cash and her husband, John Leventhal put together Cash's new album, The List, by bringing in support of some major musicians.  Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Rufus Wainwright, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco all lend their vocals to tracks on the upcoming album set for release on Tuesday, October 6. 

"It was fun talking about whose voice would be well-suited to each of those songs, but I was really surprised in all four cases," Cash told Spinner, "I mean with Bruce, what a great country harmony singer he is! Who knew? When we put the files together finally and heard it all the way through, John just said, 'My god! That's so romantic!' That's my own husband talking!"
Roseanne was also impressed by Bruce's talent in knowing exactly when to anticipate her vocals, since the two recorded the song in different studios because of Bruce's never-ending schedule.  Cash said, "That he took the time to listen, to know exactly what kind of intonation I would use on the line that followed him, and then he matched it as if he were anticipating me. So specific and so technical that it just kind of blew me away."