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Behind Every Good Country Music Song Is A Good Woman

When Brad Paisley performed “Then” at the White House recently, he’s pretty sure it became on of his wife’s proudest moments.

"When she [Kimberly Williams-Paisley] got involved with this redneck hick from Tennessee, I don't think she ever saw herself in the East Room of the White House being serenaded," he said.

Paisley dedicated the love ballad to President Obama and the first lady. He says, "being able to dedicate that to the first couple -- and being able to rib them a little bit with the joke of Air Force One flying around New York on a romantic night or whatever -- was a lot of fun for me."

Before a party at Nashville’s ASCAP headquarters to celebrate the No. 1 success of “Then,” Paisley and his co-writers had the opportunity to share a little bit about the song.

"I really realized how romantic this song is through the eyes of the people that buy the records and come out to the shows," the Country star said. "I say something almost every night at the end of the song ... which is, 'I hope you're in love tonight. And if you're not, I hope you fall in love tonight.'"

Paisley's co-writers, Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley, received several plaques commemorating the song’s popularity as they celebrated.

Both of the songwriters thanked their significant others for the motivation behind "Then."

"Thanks to our wives for the inspiration for this song" DuBois said.

"This kind of song, we definitely lean on them for making sure it hits them right," added Gorley.

When it was Paisley's turn to speak, he reiterated their thoughts by saying, "Our wives -- you are the reason we wrote this song. [Thanks] for great advice on how to write songs. We couldn't do this without that inspiration."