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Brad Paisley Records His Proudest Song Yet

Posted by Laura Travis on 07/08/2009
Brad Paisley Austin City Limits

Brad Paisley has many songs that are known for their quirkey, catchy lyrics, and while he doesn't leave this out of his newest single, "Welcome To The Future," he does take a more serious tone.
"Welcome to the Future" is a song Paisley co-penned with Chris DuBois that brings together the new high-tech ways of the world with a rememberance of a more simple past. According to Paisley, "It's the proudest thing I've ever recorded.''

In the song Paisley sings:

"So many things I never thought I'd see...happening right in front of me.
I had a friend in school, running-back on a football team,
they burned a cross in his front yard
for asking out the home-coming queen.
I thought about him today, everybody who's seen what he's seen,
from a woman on a bus to a man with a dream.
Wake up Martin Luther.
Welcome to the future."

President Obama was the inspiration for this particular verse, Paisley told the Los Angeles Times. "There was an amazing shift in public emotion that night," Paisley says. "It was breathtaking. I felt like in Country Music, we're the first ones to write about some kind of conflict, or war, and yet we shy away from these other topics, like equal rights. I wanted to get the emotion of it without being the least bit preachy.
"Republican or Democrat, on Nov. 4 you had to be moved. People stood there in disbelief at the turn our country had taken. There was a sense of pride, no matter who you were. I remember having discussions on my bus, in my household: Could he really win this? A lot of people were saying, 'I don't know if it's time, if the country's ready.' And then all of a sudden, I guess we're ready. Welcome to the future."