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Charlie Robison Inspired by Divorce From Dixie Chick Emily Robinson

Posted by Sarah Norton on 06/23/2009

If you listen to Charlie Robison’s new album, Beautiful Day, you might feel bad for him. But if you talk him, you’ll realize he’s doing just fine.

"I guess you might call this my divorce record," Robinson, who split last year from the Dixie Chicks' Emily Robison, told The "When you go through something like this, it results in very fertile writing. It's very much me, yet a departure from anything I've done before," he explained. "It's my first relationship-type record...You can really tell where I was emotionally when I wrote it."

"The undertone of the record is a sad one," he said. "But why I named it 'Beautiful Day' is because it's also redemptive."

He went onto say that, "'Beautiful Day' is an ironic title. The overview of the record is that it's a beautiful day, coming out of the fog on the other side. No divorce is good, but we managed to come out of it as still good friends. The song 'Beautiful Day' pokes fun at her. We both played big parts in [the divorce]. But that song, I just felt like that was her part." Robinson insisted that his ex-wife loved the song, and the two have remained on friendly terms.

"We were just together last night," he said. "If we're going to the kids' school, we'll say, 'Come pick me up' and ride together. And our friends will see that and say, 'You're so gonna get back together.' And we say, 'Nooooooo way, we're not.' We would never ruin the friendship we have now by getting married again!"

Some Country fans may have hoped to hear Robison’s brother, singer/songwriter Bruce Robison, on the new project, but they will be disappointed. "We decided to continue to be brothers rather than try to pursue the collaboration thing again," Robison admitted. "We'll end up getting a few weeks into something and then will just about kill each other."