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Wynonna Judd Searches for Next Duet Partner

Posted by Sarah Norton on 06/16/2009

Even though The Judds reunited on stage during a concert at Nashville’s LP field Saturday as a part of the CMA Music Festival, Naomi Judd hasn’t returned to her old routine with her daughter after her early-90’s bout with hepatitis C.

That means that Wynonna Judd is looking for a new duet partner, according to

During CNN’s Larry King Live, Larrying asked about teenager Miley Cyrus as a possible duet partner, which left Wynonna noncommittal.

"I would have to think about that one," she responded. "In my opinion, I don't care how successful you are and how much money you have and how many records you are selling, it has to make sense musically. I will tell you this, I'm supposed to talk to Tony Bennett in the next couple of days. Can we talk? I'm in that place, where I'm looking ahead and going, ‘OK, let's not forget Tony Bennett.’ Miley is important and she lives like five miles from me. If she called me, I would have her come to my house and do some chores, and then think about singing with her."

Tony Bennett seemed like a no-brainer for Judd, whose latest album, Sing: Chapter 1, features remakes of songs originated by Nat "King" Cole, Tammy Wynette and Dionne Warwick.

"Could you imagine?" she said. "I cried. I got the message from my manager and she said, ‘Tony would love to sing with you.’ I seriously started to cry. I said this is like a tabernacle thing. We have to not forget that Tony Bennett is the greatest."

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Judds’ first No. 1 hit. "Mama He’s Crazy" reached No. 1 in Billboard on Aug. 4, 1984.