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Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood's Father is Rock Star in Dental World

Quite a few Country stars come from successful stock, and the members of Lady Antebellum are no exception. Hillary Scott is the daughter of Grammy-winning Country singer Linda Davis and Charles Kelley is the younger brother of pop-singer Josh Kelley.

But Dave Haywood’s father might have had the most widespread influence of them all. Twenty years ago, he invented the nightguard teeth-whitening method which has been used worldwide, wrote.

"He's a dentist, and back in the 1980s, he came up with the procedure," Haywood explained to GAC. "He's been on '20/20' about it and everything. In the dental world, he is a rock star. He's the Bruce Springsteen of the dental world!"

Dental hygiene isn’t the only thing that Haywood can give his dad credit for.

"My dad taught me how to play guitar," Haywood explained. "My family's really musical. They're kind of like a nerdy Partridge Family. My dad taught me to play guitar back in middle school, and my mom taught me how to play piano in elementary school ... Everyone in my family sings, so it all comes directly from them."

Lady Antebellum is currently touring with Kenny Chesney. They also plan to perform at the CMA Music Fest June 12. To learn more about the event, visit CountryHound's CMA Music Festival page.