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Roy Clark, Barbara Mandrell and Charlie McCoy Inducted into Hall of Fame


Three new members were inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame last night -- Roy Clark, Barbara Mandrell and Charlie McCoy. The celebration not only praised them for their musical talents but also their ways of making Country Music more mainstream through television.  

McCoy was a music director for "Hee Haw" for eighteen years, while Clark was one of the co-hosts for the show along with Buck Owens. Mandrell and her two sisters had a television show called "Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters."

Tammy Genovese, Country Music Association's chief executive officer said, "All three of tonight's inductees looked at the way Country Music was presented on television and said: 'We can make this even better. We can present Country Music to a mainstream audience with respect, love and humor."

The ceremonies tribute consisted of performers such as Reba McEntire, George Jones, Josh Turner, Garth Brooks, Allison Krauss as well as others who came out to perform for this celebration. The performers sang some of the inductee's songs as well as many classic Country songs.

With the ceremony held yesterday, the Hall of Fame now has 108 members.