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Jennifer Nettles Denies Rumors of Leaving Sugarland

Posted by Ashley Shelley on 04/20/2009

Jennifer Nettles is the lead singer behind the famous Sugarland duo, but she made it clear to the public that the band wouldnt work without Kristian Bush by her side. Rumors have flared that Nettles was leaving the act to pursue a solo career, but she quickly set the record straight.

"We've heard that question before, and it's obviously hurtful to Kristian," she said in the Minnesota Star Tribune. "From a musical perspective and from an emotional perspective, it's a wonderful partnership for me. It's kind of like the Eurythmics; Annie Lennox went off and had a solo career. But I have no plans for that as of right now."

Nettles said Bush is her "favorite person to write with" and may have dreams that extend beyond being her sidekick. "We never know what the future will hold ... If there's something that he itches to do or I itch to do, we'll be supportive of each other."

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