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Clint Black Feuds with Joan Rivers on Celebrity Apprentice

Posted by Laura Travis on 04/08/2009

Instead of attending the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night, Clint Black was busy filming for The Celebrity Apprentice. 
While he did not get kicked off this episode, he came close as he lost the project for his team, according to But more than that, he has seemed to develop a feud with cast mate, Joan Rivers. The two made it known that they did not get along, but this past week the two were forced to work together when Donald Trump changed the teams. Originally the teams were divided between boys and girls, but this week they had to change that due to there being less men on the show, leaving Joan and Clint to be on the same team.
The project was a commercial for All detergent, and Black was appointed the project manager. His final commercial was criticized for being too sexual and neither teams won this challenge. Trump fired someone from each team, as that was the only fair way to do it with no winning team, but luckily Black was spared. Khloe Kardashian got the boot from Black’s team as Trump found out about her DUI and was disappointed. 
That will not be the last of the fighting between Joan and Black, as previews for next week appear to show them feuding as well.