5 Confirmed Dead As Indiana State Fair Stage Collapes Just Before Sugarland Performance

A wind storm in Indiana killed five people Saturday when it caused a stage at the State Fair to collapse. Fans who were waiting in the front row to see Sugarland perform were crushed, and several people were injured.
According to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, even though precautions were taken against the storm, no one expected the wind to be so strong. The wind was measured at 60 to 70 mph by the National Weather Service.
"This is the finest event of its kind in America, "said Daniels to the Associated Press. "This is the finest pen we've ever had, and this desperately sad, as far as I can tell fluke event doesn't change that."
The fair is expected to re-open Monday. A public observance event to honor those who lost their lives is schedule to take place Monday morning at 9. 
sources: Associated Press; reuters.com