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Martina McBride "Shines" on New Album

Posted by Laura Travis on 02/13/2009

Martina McBride found new inspiration on her new album, Shine, which is said to be released on March 24. She was not only in the middle of headlining a tour while making her tenth album, but she also teamed up with a new producer, Dann Huff.This time around McBride’s creativity shines through. She stated, "This album feels to me like when I was making Evolution or Emotion. That was such a creative time for me with this crazy energy and creativity. I felt so passionate about those records and I feel the same way about Shine." The first single off her new album is “Ride.” Other songs that particularly stand out on the album are “Sunny Side Up” and “I Just Call You Mine.” All of these songs feature the word “shine” somewhere in the lyrics, hence the name of the album.For more information on Martina and the album visit,