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Trent Willmon Narrates Children's Book

Posted by chound on 01/12/2009

The Knock-Kneed Cowboy Cover Country recording artist Trent Willmon will be lending his voice talents to a children's book written by his mother, Billie Willmon Jenkin. The Knock-Kneed Cowboy: A Tale of Being "Just Right"...Just As We Are is a story about self-acceptance that Billie created for her sons.“Most people’s beliefs about their worth come from others’ opinions of them. I was determined that kids know that they don’t have to let others’ ideas about them become their own," said Billie. "I see the book as an adventure in self-acceptance and I’m delighted that Trent agreed to record this book. Even kids who are not terrific readers will be motivated to read along with Trent and will grasp exactly what I intended for them to.”Trent not only reads the story on the three-CD set, but becomes the characters, having different voices for characters like Honey - a fifth-grade girl, Grandpa, Troubles - a bad-luck cow dog and Gus - the fairy god-frog.“I love the book,” Willmon said. “It was taken from a story Mom made up for my brother and me when we were kids. Casey is a knock-kneed cowboy who wants to be bow-legged like all his peers. When the book starts out, you think it’s just for elementary-school kids. But as you read on, you realize it’s a parable about all of us who feel ‘different.’ It’s a message – and a fun tale – for all ages.”Through Jan. 12, you can order a combination of The Knock-Kneed Cowboy in print as well as the three-CD audio set for $27.97, including shipping. The audio alone is $23.97 through January 12. Regularly, the book is $19.97, and the audio set is priced at $25.97. Orders can be placed on Billie's Web site: