43rd Annual CMA Awards Made Me Howl With Joy!


I stayed at home chewing on a bone while I watched the CMA Awards this year.  I’ve gone to the show a couple times and so wanted to get a perspective from watching it on television. 
Whenever I’ve gone to the show I’ve always walked away very excited, tail wagging vigorously.  Sometimes when you work within an industry, not that I’m that engrained in it but I sniff around the industry a lot, you become a little jaded (yes dogs get jaded too).  So I look forward to the CMA Awards every year because they invigorate me (yes dogs get invigorated too…like when I see a squirrel).
Watching the awards on television still gave me a big thrill.  Maybe not quite as much as being there, but still a thrill.  Some of my highlights:

  • Any time Brad Paisley or Carrie Underwood perform, it’s good.
  • I was amazed at how many artists from other genres were there to perform with the country acts.  You know country music’s hot when that happens.
  • Zac Brown doing a Charlie Daniel’s cover was awesome.
  • The tribute to Barbara Mandrell with my favorite Martina McBride, Charlie McCoy and then George Strait…it don’t get no better than that.
  • Little Jimmy Dickens’ Kanye spoof was priceless.
  • All the performances were great, not a bad one I can recall.
  • And yes it was something else seeing 19-year-old (in human years) Taylor Swift win Entertainer of the Year. 

Speaking of Taylor, my big ears have already caught some people bitching (it’s a dog term) about her winning Entertainer of the Year…that she didn’t deserve it.  Well I guess she did according to all the CMA members who voted.  Whether you agree or not, don’t trash that young lady’s achievements.  Don’t be a sore loser.
Hope you enjoyed the CMA Awards too.  It is a great national/international showcase for country music and Nashville.
What was your favorite part?