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Ashton Shepherd Talks About Touring with Sugarland

Posted by Andrea Smith on 10/30/2008

Ashton Shepard Fresh off the release of her major-label debut album and landing a spot on tour with Sugarland, Ashton Shepherd sat down with CMT to talk about tour life, family and what Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are really like.Shepherd, who has performed at fairs and festivals since she was in high school, said she is already comfortable with performing on stage. The 22-year-old who hails from Alabama said the only difference between those high school era performances and being on the Love On The Inside tour is the size of the crowd and venue. “When I walk onto the stage, I always try to make my impression on the fans. Wave at them, smile at them and always try to look happy,” Shepherd told CMT. “And I don't have to try hard because I'm always happy when I'm on stage. I'm happy to be up there singing for people.”Shepherd said her family was thrilled when she got the tour with Sugarland and still checks on her every day while on the road. “My poor daddy will call and be like, ‘Well, how long is it from Carolina to Pennsylvania?’ and ‘Where are y'all stopping at?’ and ‘Who's on the bus with you?’” Shepherd said. “And I'm goin', ‘Oh, lord, Daddy, I got so much on my mind right now, I just don't want to answer all these little questions.’ But they're totally thrilled that I'm out with Sugarland.” Shepherd describes Nettles and Bush as “down to earth,” and that they have always been willing to help with her transition into Country Music stardom. “I think the first time I ever met them was when they were opening up for Kenny Chesney, and Kristian gave me his number, I mean, right off the bat,” Shepherd told CMT. “Just, ‘Hey, if you ever need any help, if you ever need anything... Because we know this is a tough run, and it's hard, and there will be a lot of changes made, and you'll be going through a lot of different things.’” For the full interview, visit