Tanya Tucker's New DVD

Posted by kathyt on 03/29/2008

I finally received the DVD taped at Renaissance Center and it was well worth waiting for. Tanya looked gorgeous and her singing and dancing were magnificent. It was great to hear her sing songs that she hasn't sung for years. Any one starting out in the music business should see one of Tanya's concerts so they could see how to entertain like a professional. A lot of people can perform, but very few can entertain like Tanya. She can captivate an audience of any age group. Tanya has a style all her own and no one will ever be able to copy it, some have tried over the years, but it never worked out. She sings with such feeling that she can make you believe every word she sings. Some of these newcomers can't make the audience feel anything but the urge to get the show over so they can leave. Tanya should do more videos so her fans that can't go to her concerts can see what a great entertainer she is. The interview was the best I have ever seen , because Tanya was able to talk without any interruptions. Most of the time when she is interviewed she never gets to finish a sentence. The color and sound in this DVD was great and showed how beautiful Tanya is and how great her voice is. I really enjoyed it and now I'm waiting for the new CD to be finished, I'm sure it will also be great. Kathy Goss