Posted by kathyt on 08/15/2008

:thumbs: Tanya's birthday is October 10th, let's make it the best birthday she has ever had.  Here are some thing you can do to promote her birthday. All Tanya fans to do some HEAVY promoting, especially the week before her 50th birthday (October 10th) #1 - Myspace and Facebook folks.  Place info on your page about Tanya's 50th Birthday --you might want to consider having something about TTs 50th on your signature.  (Someone is working on a graphic of Tanya)keep checking the Tuttfs board.  #2 - Email heavily your local stations requesting Tanya's songs and talking about her birthday.  Nashville fans -- help get this done.  Make sure all the Nashville stations hear from you a lot!! I have a little more time than others and may be able to assist you with emailing.  Feel free to put up your stations call letters and an email address if you have it or email me. Tips to get songs played: #1 Most stations have one or more segments that are nothing but requests from listeners.... like the drive at 5; lunch time requests aka country cafe etc.  This is actually THE best way to get a song played. #2 email the program director #3 Some djs just love Tanya (always have and always will) -- figure out which ones do and always email them. I know I can depend on you guys and gals to help make this happen.   Kathy Goss